SKILL SHOTS Hockey School is a new and innovative hockey Clinic for minor hockey teams and players, along with our trained instructors, which develops the individual’s physical conditioning and technical skills. At SKILL SHOTS hockey school we have special stations set up to teach the fundamental skills of the game like shooting, passing, stick handling and conditioning.
During the Off-ice sessions, players are put through conditioning stints, consisting of plyometric stations, where they can work on their speed, agility and conditioning. We will be concentrating on fundamental skills where they can work on their passing, shooting and stick handling abilities.

Strength, power, speed and agility are achieved through a consistent regiment of on and off ice training. A hockey player’s physical make up will break down if he or she does not incorporate a proper fitness maintenance program. With this in mind we take each individual’s and work on improving the player’s core stability, balance and co-ordination during the playing season. Our hockey Clinics stress these factors …

SKILL SHOTS main focus is to teach players and coaches the proper techniques in conjunction with the physical and mental conditioning to be applied continually on and off the ice

SKILL SHOTS Hockey School was developed to bring the knowledge that Todd has achieved through his 20 years of professional hockey and university degree in Sports Science, to assist players in achieving the next level of their hockey progression.

At SKILL SHOTS we develop sport specific muscle movement in relation to on ice hockey and skating mechanics, focusing on mechanical efficiencies, core stability development, lateral movements, and power stride mechanics.

Skill Shots Goals

  • Better Balance
  • Build Confidence
  • Increased Agility
  • Lateral Movement
  • Increased Quickness
  • Speed and Endurance
  • Team Play
  • Wrist Shots
  • One Timers
  • Back Hand Shots
  • Scoring Finesse
  • Snap & Slap Shots