In 3 on 3 hockey, each team has three skaters and a goalie on the ice at a time, giving players considerably more time to skate and handle the puck. The unique rules, including no icings and no two-line off sides contribute to a fast, exciting pace and this wide-open format promotes creativity amongst players of all skill levels. In Skill Shots 3 on 3 you are always involved in the play and shifts are short to keep the pace of the game moving.

Some benefits of 3 on 3 are:
• Stickhandling and Puck Control • Ice Vision
• Develop Faster Reaction Time • Improve Overall Skills
• Develop more confidence with the puck
• Play around the net both offensively and defensively
• Cardiovascular Workout • FUN!

Players will be signed up as individuals and teams will be selected fairly so as to maintain a balance in competition.If a player requests to join a team with a friend, we will make every effort to do so, but we cannot guarantee this. Teams consist of 9 players and 1 goalie to allow for the pace of the game to remain high. Games will be 50 minutes in length (two 25 minute periods). Players will be supplied with a jersey. Skill Shots will run each game to ensure safe and fair play.

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